Weekend With Warriors

Purpose: Weekend with Warriors is a special event to honor our veterans and let them personally tell our youth
what made our country great. This event will also showcase exhibitors in the aerospace, aviation and defense
industries and the U.S. military who will explain career opportunities in their respective fields to young attendees.

Featured Events:

Veterans Exhibits: Veterans from all of wars (WW II, Korea, et al.) will exhibit their memorabilia and share
their personal military experiences.

Career Opportunity Exhibits: Professionals from the following civilian industries and veterans and military
organizations will discuss career paths and opportunities for youths:

 Aerospace and Defense
 Aviation and Avionics
 Military Academy Graduates
 Veterans Organizations
 Military Recruiting Organizations

Career Development Exhibits: Youth organizations will include:

 Civil Air Patrol Units
 Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops

Education Exhibits: Specialists from the following will explain education opportunities via:

 Air Force Academy, West Point, Annapolis
 University ROTC Programs

Special Guest Speakers: Will highlight early career planning importance from their own career experiences.

Commemorative Air Force Museum: Will be OPEN and FREE to all attendees.

Historic and Current Aircraft: Will be on display with pilots to tell kids about flying and careers in aviation.

Free Flights: For kids 8-17 yrs of age will be provided by the Experimental Aircraft Association which has
flown 1.5 million kids in the last 20 years as part of their Young Eagles Program.

Location: Commemorative Air Force Hangar, New Century Airport, 6 Aero Plaza, New Century, KS 66031

Weekend with Warriors is sponsored by the
Kansas City Chapter of the US Air Force Academy Association of Graduates
For information contact 913-894-8887

Capstone Projects 2014-2015

First Leadership
Roger Downs
James Glass
Dylan Herrig
Taylor Latham
Payton Miller
Josh Patterson
Laurel Sherman
Sam Viron
Kaitlyn Weeks
Shelby Clark

Anna Christenson (11th)
Ashlyn Hunter
Ben Chitwood
Carissa Case
Christian Bevell
Christian Robless
Cody Bernhardt
Cole Hinkle
Courtney Schilly
Daniel Baker
Dillon Funk
Evan Purdue
Jared Baugh
Jason Irvin
Jeffery Payne (11th)
Josh Pecana
Lee Fitchett
Noah Imel (11th)
Ronnie Whyrick
Ryan Alverez
Spencer Roberts
Varun Sarja (11th)

Brett Sanford
Carter Brasel (11th)
Chase Helling (11th)
Duncan Boudreaux
Jack Perkins (11th)
Jacob Otten (11th)
Landen Frye (11th)
Matt Stone
Michael Hund
Nathan DeMars
Ryan Lynch (11th)
Saige Killion
Sam Thomas
Shane Riegodedios
Zach Loveall
Zachary Mac Donald

Aaron Adams
Abdiel Badillo
Cody Bernhardt
Cody Williams
Cole King
Collin Bustamante
Emily Brzon
Evan Belden
Jason Irvin
Josh Read
Kaitlyn Weeks
Kyle Klomfahs
Lauren Roberts (11th)
Matt Wilkinson
Shelby Clark

Tech Recylce

tech recylce

Once again, the A+E program is partnering with Lakemary to conduct our second annual technology recycling event! It will be held on Saturday, April 5th from 10a.m. to 1p.m. Lakemary is a group dedicated to serving children and adults with disabilities by providing employment opportunities through a variety of community services. This event will take place in the band parking lot located towards the southeast corner of the school. This year, we will not be taking TV’s due to safety concerns for the workers, but we will accept CPU’s, laptops, printers, computer accessories, ink and toner cartridges, cell phones, and batteries free of charge. However, there will be fees to be paid by those recycling computer monitors and hard drive drilling. Monitors will cost $10 (including flat screens) and hard drive drillings will cost $5. Let’s help take care of the environment and dispose of all that technology clutter!

Article by Alex Englen

Bowling night

As you all know, February 13th was the A+E Bowling Fun Night. Over 60 people came to support the A+E CORE Leadership team and have a blast with their friends! Most of the people that came took advantage of the open snack bar to get sodas and try the amazing french-fries. A couple of kids from the blowing team that are in A+E also came out to show off their skills; I saw a few scores reach the 150+ mark! (Anything over 120 is just amazing to me). Well that about sums it up, but remember, A+E always hosts a Bowling Fun Night every year! So if for some reason you were unable to make it this year, I highly encourage you to try and make next year!

Article by Wesley Adams

FIRST Robotics

F.I.R.S.T. (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics inspires tens of thousands of students every year by encouraging the development of technical skills, personal confidence, and by changing the perception of society to view science and technology as intriguing and vital aspects of our communities and lives. To accomplish these goals, students have six weeks to construct a robot to participate in a series of international competitions pitting the skill and mechanical aptitude of teams against each other. They also participate in award competitions that recognize the community service, inspiration and innovation outside of the robot’s arena. Olathe Northwest’s FIRST Team 1710, The Ravonics Revolution, continues to design and promote programs and initiatives to advance the goals of FIRST, and our own team’s Mission Statement and Core Values.